Drought Alert. Put Away Your Hoses!

It was announced last week that large parts of the country would have domestic and council parkland hosepipe restrictions. This follows two consecutive very dry years, with well below average rainfall levels. We are now officially in a drought, worse than that of 1976.

Reservoir levels are clearly very down, and our underground aquifers are critically low. As of April 5th gardeners will not be allowed to water their plants with a hosepipe. This could potentially be very damaging to the horticultural industry. Gardeners may buy less plants or give up all together this season.

This is where we step in! We have to make our customers aware of saving water in the form of water buts and recycling brown water. There are also thousands of drought tolerant plants available that require less water once established.

Grasses, prairie style¬†perennials and a lot of Mediterranean herbs are well suited to long periods of dry conditions. So come on – let’s not panic and give up! Piet Oudolf has inspired a prairie (new wave) style of planting that is highly fashionable and sought after at the moment.

Check out our downloadable availability lists that have a drought tolerant plant section. The list is very comprehensive and contains lots of exciting plants to keep you gardening this season!

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