Rain, Rain Go Away!!

Please don’t come back another day!!!

What a terrible Winter the whole of the country has suffered! It all started back in October with the St Jude’s Day storm, which battered the UK with high winds and rain. Since then, it’s been a relentless chain of low pressure fronts, again leashing a series of storms with gusts up to 100mph and rain in biblical proportions!

Thankfully the nursery has come through all thisĀ  (so far!) relatively unscathed! All but for a few broken pains of glass and some power-cuts we’ve been very lucky.

The volume of rain has proved problematic for the horticultural trade. With the ground saturated, landscapers and designers can’t build new gardens and the nations gardeners are restricted to container gardening.

The last week or so has seen some relatively settled weather, with warm temperatures and some lovely sunny days! Our stock has reacted to this improving pattern and our Spring flowering plants are starting to bloom. One of the first plants to wake up are our Primulas. We grow over 25 different Primulas with some rare and unusual varieties amongst them.

Camera in hand, we got out amongst our plants yesterday and snapped away at our Primulas. Spring has finally sprung!!!

Amethyst Iceweb2Elisabeth KillenaywebAvondaleweb Black Lace Silverweb

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