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care for our environment

It may be easy to forget but our end product enhances the environment not only from a visual perspective but directly. Plants utilise carbon dioxide (the main global warming element) with a by-product that is oxygen.

However, there are practices, materials and chemicals used within our industry that are not so kind to the environment.

Net Zero, the UK’s contribution to stopping global warming gives us a target of 2050 for carbon neutrality. We take environmental matters very seriously and here is what we have done/are doing going forward.


With increasing temperatures due to global warming water is becoming a scarce commodity, especially with our hot summers of late and in the future.

We collect and harvest run-off water from our greenhouse roofs into holding tanks reducing mains water use.

In 2020 we are investing in a bark topping machine, enabling all our stock to have a layer of bark. This acts as a mulch, reducing soil water loss through evaporation. It also controls weeds that in turn lessens competition for water with the plants.


We are currently using a soil mix that has 25% reduced peat. We have trialled and are currently trialling products from ICL & Melcourt in 2020 that will hopefully lead us away from our reliance for peat.

Pots & Plastics

For twelve years we have recycled our black plastic pots with our supplier who offer us a free recycling service. We encourage our customers to bring the pots back from the plants they have purchased from us. These are then sent to be recycled in this country back into pots. We therefore only use recycled, recyclable pots.

For 2020 our 2 litre range for our retail customers will be available in the new ‘Recover’ pot. This pot is manufactured from post-consumer plastic waste. It’s distinct colour makes them easy to separate from the waste stream. The Recover pot is a completely circular product. Made from recycled plastic and endlessly recyclable.


We endeavour to lessen our carbon footprint on the roads by collating orders and delivering to customers in the same geographical region.

We are five minutes from a mainline station and can pick up/drop off customers who may want to visit the nursery without having to use their car.

Chemicals & Spraying

Our use of pesticides has decreased hugely in recent times. In early 2020 we have also taken part in a government led chemicals amnesty. We also use biological control where possible.

We adopt the prevention is better than the cure approach with good husbandry and watering techniques ensuring strong, healthy plants.


We are blessed to be located in Kent, the garden of England, with a rich and diverse wildlife population. We encourage birds, butterflies and insects with the range of plants we grow.

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